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Welcome to the BestInterests-Talk Listserv is the website support for a listserv for child custody professionals.  This listserv facilitates a process of brain storming, testing of ideas, and informal collegial conversations among experienced therapists, mediators, parenting coordinators, researchers, child custody evaluators, family law attorneys, and law professors. 

The bestinterests-talk list serv emphasizes interdisiplinary collaboration and debate regarding tasks central to the best interests of children and families.  Legal professionals, both attorneys and judges, participate with expert evaluators and mediators from the mental health professions, in discussing the dilemmas faced by families and courts. 

The bestinterests-talk list is a multifaceted resource.  Members can develop contacts with a network of an international group of professionals from a wide variety of disciplines. We have sought to attract legal practitioners and scholars, mental health specialists in custody evaluations and expert witness testimony, and other problems solvers for families and the legal system.  Many on the list are active contributors to the professional and research literature regarding child custody. 

The bestinterests-talk list is a place to share and test ideas, to learn about the dynamics of problems common to divorce and best interests determinations (e.g., post-divorce adjustment of children, dynamics of separation and divorce, domestic violence, parenting plans and more), and to discuss these topics in a collegial manner. 

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